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Your Guide to Pneumatics

04 April 2022

We’ll start with the basics for those who are new to the topic. Pneumatics is the branch of engineering devoted to the use of compressed air (or other pressurised gases). That being the case, the good old air compressor can be classified as a pneumatic device. However, when we speak about pneumatic systems, we are referring not just to a single device but a whole series of interconnected components (compressors, tubes, valves, etc.) designed to perform a specific function, e.g. air brakes on a truck, theme-park rides, dentist drills or one of various machines on factory production lines.

At Cospaker Pneumatics, we are specialists at providing a wide range of industries – from food’n’beverage production to automotive engineering – with high-quality, reliable pneumatic systems. As part of our commitment to quality, we choose to use components from top brands. It’s worth looking more closely at this company to find out why they are such a trusted name when it comes to pneumatic systems. 

What are Some of the Key Pneumatics Products?

  • Air Clamps – these are for clamping workpieces in place
  • Air Fittings – available in an array of shapes, sizes and thread types
  • Air Timers – for when pneumatic signals need to be sent at fixed intervals
  • Check Valves – these offer plenty of configuration options to suit the conditions
  • Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL) Units – three-in-one components that save on space and energy
  • Flow Controls – available in compact type, in-line type, push-lock type, push-lock type with indicator, and more
  • Grippers – used for picking-and-placing operations, including two-, three- and four-finger grips
  • Instrumentation – air-flow sensors, positive pressure sensors, vacuum/compound pressure sensors and more
  • Low Profile Cylinders – compact cylinders based on a best-selling design and produced in 13 bore sizes from 12mm-160mm
  • Pressure Boosters – boost the efficiency in your pneumatic system by increasing the main-line pressure 2-4 times
  • Silencers – help keep the noise level in your factory down!
  • Stainless Actuators – specialty actuators suited to the food’n’beverage and medical industries
  • Stainless Fittings – a series of stainless components that are grease-free and can be used with steam
  • Tubing – tubes composed of different materials depending on the conditions. They may be resistant to corrosion, high temperatures, etc.
  • Vacuum Generators – pretty self-explanatory, i.e. they create a vacuum. Robotic arms are one of the applications
  • Valves – for pneumatic directional control

Got More Questions? Ready to Order?

For all of your pneumatic system, air compressor and air pipe/fitting needs in the south-east Queensland region, contact Cospaker Pneumatics. We are experts in designing, delivering and servicing systems utilising products from all major brands of Pneumatics. You can email us at Or you can find the phone numbers for our Gold Coast, Brisbane, Beenleigh and Tweed Heads offices on our website here.

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