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The Benefits of a Breathing Air Quality Test

28 September 2022

At Cospaker Pneumatics, along with selling top-brand air compressors, pneumatics, various pipes and their corresponding fittings, we also carry out breathing air quality tests for our customers using the AIRQUAL-1 test kit.

This blog entry will note the many benefits that air quality testing brings to businesses using compressed-air lines, which includes numerous medical applications and routine industrial operations. If your company needs a breathing air test performed, you’ll find our contact details at the end of the piece.

Overview of the Test Kit We Use

The AIRQUAL-1 test kit measures compressed-air lines for oil mist, water vapour, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen contaminants. These sorts of contaminants aren’t necessarily picked up during servicing, making it even more important to perform breathing air testing of the sort we offer.

Along with air quality testing, our kit features an oxygen detector, meaning it can provide a constant real-time display of the oxygen content in the customer’s system. As well as indicating the level of contamination within a compressed-air line, it measures operating flow, temperature and pressure.

Needless to say, this breathing air test kit used by Cospaker Pneumatics has been designed to comply with all of the relevant international standards.

Benefits to Your Business from Our Testing

  • We are experts in performing breathing air quality tests using the AIRQUAL-1.
  • The portable nature of the test kit we use allows it to be employed in locations/situations where power may not be available.
  • We will detect oil mist within your system. This might be caused by lubricants leaking form the compressor. Whatever the source, it can lead to serious breathing problems for those inhaling the contaminated air.
  • We will detect water vapour within your system. Water and water vapour are dangerous as condensation or ice in the line could restrict the air supply to the user.
  • We will detect carbon dioxide within your system. Breathing in carbon dioxide (CO2) can be fatal. Unfortunately, given the machinery involved, it is possible for CO2 fumes to get into a compressed-air line, which is why it’s imperative to get regular air quality testing from professionals like Cospaker Pneumatics.
  • We will detect carbon monoxide within your system. Also potentially fatal and certainly very harmful, carbon monoxide (CO) is another unwanted gas for which there must be ongoing checks. Like carbon dioxide, it has no taste or odour until present at a harmful level, making it hard to detect without this sort of testing.
  • As discussed in the previous section, further benefits of our breathing ait testing are access to the real-time display of the oxygen content present, plus the fact we can measure operating flow, temperature and pressure.
  • We will provide you with test results within minutes! Concentrations of oil mist, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen can be determined almost instantly without further lab analysis.

Ready to Invest in Breathing Air Quality Testing?

Contact Cospaker Pneumatics today! We can perform this vital service, as well as supplying all of your compressed-air/pneumatic-system requirements throughout south-east Queensland. You can email us at And you’ll find the phone numbers for our Gold Coast, Brisbane, Beenleigh and Tweed Heads offices on our website here. We’ll get back to you promptly and gladly provide a free quote upon request.

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