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Our Product Range and the Philosophy Behind It

17 November 2022

In a previous blog entry, we went through the services available from Cospaker Pneumatics, which include complete pneumatic system design right up to large, complicated factory layouts. This ability of our team to always see the “big picture” feeds into the philosophy behind the products we stock…

Our Product Philosophy

Our product philosophy can be summed up in five points:

  • The product/s in question must meet all of your requirements (and suit the scale of your business).
  • They must be of high quality – which is why we focus on carrying the tried’n’trusted major brands.
  • They must also be very reliable. This obviously tends to follow on from the previous point.
  • They must provide high performance with high efficiency. Again, these are related to the point above about high quality. However, achieving optimum performance and efficiency also comes from our expert staff recommending the right product for the job.
  • In the case of piping systems specifically, they should, ideally, be easy to extend or modify in the future.

Our Air Compressors

There are three types of air compressors in our range:

  • Reciprocating compressors These compressors are very popular for their ability to handle a heavy workload, their versatility (in terms of pressure ranges), their affordability and the ease with which they can be maintained.
  • Diesel rotary screw air compressors While best suited to low-pressure applications, rotary screw air compressors are valued for their relatively quiet operation, stability of airflow, reliability and long lifespans. Our diesel rotary screw air compressors are available in box type and trailer type.
  • Electric rotary screw air compressors Sharing the positive qualities of the diesel version, our electric rotary screw air compressors are available in a number of power outputs.

Our Pneumatics

Cospaker Pneumatics has delivered components and whole systems for clients in industries ranging from automotive to food and beverages. We are able to assist with: air guns; compressed-air preparation and reservoirs; control and electrical-connector technology; handling, image-processing and inscription systems; displays, pneumatic-fittings systems (see next section); sensors; silencers; software; vacuum tech; valves and valve terminals.

Our Pipes and Fittings

We talked earlier about high efficiency being a desired product trait and that definitely applies to pipes and fittings. When correctly chosen and integrated, the right pipes and fittings can translate to real savings in terms of both energy and maintenance work/lost time. The items we stock can be broken down into five areas:

  • Piping – air piping, nitrogen piping and 110mm piping, plus the associated fittings.
  • Hoses and reels – hose and tubing, hose reels and brackets.
  • Couplings – aluminium, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel and safety couplings. We also have NSC Nitto-style couplings (for quick connecting/disconnecting) and coupling adaptors. 
  • Filtration – filters, lubricators and regulators.
  • Accessories – adaptors, fixings, push-in fittings and other extras.

Shopping for Air Compressors? Pneumatics? Pipes and Fittings?

Contact Cospaker Pneumatics for all of your compressed-air/pneumatic-system requirements throughout SE Queensland. You can email us at And you’ll find the phone numbers for our Gold Coast, Brisbane, Beenleigh and Tweed Heads offices here. We’ll get back to you promptly and provide free quotes upon request.

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