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Our Air Compressor and Pneumatic System Services Explained

23 May 2022

Established in 1989, Cospaker Pneumatics has had a reputation for delivering top-quality compressed air and pneumatics solutions to customers in the south-east Queensland region ever since. But we do much more than just supply products and parts, and carry out inspections and repairs. Here’s a breakdown of the many services we offer…

Onsite Evaluations

With more than 30 years’ experience in supplying and maintaining air compressors and pneumatic systems, we understand what will work best in any given situation. Our staff can evaluate your site, take into account your current needs and future goals, and recommend the right sorts of equipment and fittings for the job.

System Design

When it comes to pneumatic system design, we can engineer a plan for everything from a small, specialised setup to a complex factory layout involving multiple machines. Our staff are very familiar with all of the major brands of air compressors and pneumatic systems, and will ensure that every component chosen represents maximum value. On that note, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with clearly itemised quotes up front. We’ll get things spot on first time, so there are no unexpected expenses down the track.


As with our pneumatic system design, our air compressor and pneumatic system installation is second to none. Our installations are done with an extensive knowledge of how to achieve optimum performance and avoid potential problems later. They are intended to be easy to both operate and maintain/repair/upgrade over the long term.

Servicing and Repairs

We are not merely sellers and installers – we can service or repair your air compressor, pneumatic system and fittings, too. “Band-aid” fixes aren’t our thing. Our philosophy is to fully diagnose a fault, then take every possible measure to prevent it happening again.

Spare Parts

When we conduct a pneumatic system installation, we use only trusted brands, and it’s the same deal with our spares. Given our competitive prices, there’s no need to shop anywhere else for your compressed air, pneumatics or fittings replacements.

Maintenance Plans

If you want to safeguard your operation with regular inspections of the pneumatic system and expert maintenance if and when necessary, we also offer that coverage. Remember –

it’s not just about getting the system up and running in the short term, it’s about keeping it well maintained and delivering the desired results for years to come.

System Upgrades

Whether your pneumatic system design and pneumatic system installation were done by us or someone else, we can advise you on where to go next when it’s time to upgrade the capabilities. You might be daunted by the prospect of changing/expanding a familiar setup. We aren’t. We’ve successfully completed many such upgrades before and have the satisfied customers to prove it.

Get in Touch!

For all of your air compressor and pneumatic system requirements in the south-east Queensland region, please contact Cospaker Pneumatics. You can email us at Or you can find the phone numbers for our Gold Coast, Brisbane, Beenleigh and Tweed Heads offices on our website here.

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