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Electric, Diesel and Petrol Air Compressors: When to Choose Each and Where to Shop for Them in Northern NSW

Shopping for your first air compressor can be an overwhelming process. There are many factors to consider and a whole different vocabulary to understand before you will be ready to make a purchase. One question you will have to ask yourself, for instance, is whether to choose an electric, diesel or petrol-powered compressor. Read on to learn the specifics of each power source and to learn where you can find the best electric, diesel or petrol air compressors in Northern NSW.

Electric: If you will be using your air compressor indoors, electric is your only choice of power source. Petrol and diesel compressors both produce exhaust and can therefore only be used outdoors. Electric air compressors are usually nicely compact and portable and are convenient in that you can just plug them directly into a standard wall outlet.

Petrol: If you need a portable air compressor, but need to be outdoors, far away from any power outlets, petrol air compressors are your best bet. Easy to carry or roll around a large yard or slab of farmland, petrol air compressors are also capable of creating enough energy to power most types of tools.

Diesel: Diesel air compressors are sometimes essential for larger tasks, so consider your power demands. What tools are you going to be using and how many of them do you need to have powered simultaneously? Larger projects will often benefit from diesel compressors, just because they usually have the highest energy output.

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