Air Compressors
Suppliers of Glenco, FS Curtis, Senator, Airmac, Festo, Chicago Pneumatics and Norgren

Keep Your Compressors running Smoothly with Industrial Filtration Systems on the Gold Coast Provided by Cospaker Pneumatics

Air quality is essential. It is important not just in the sense that we need clean air to breathe, but also to the fact that we need fresh air to work with. In settings from oil refineries to auto body paint shops, compressed air is a critical tool used for many things. Ensuring that the air compressors are using is clean and free of particulate matter and harmful water vapours is the job done by industrial filtration systems all over the Gold Coast. From avoiding introducing contaminants into the auto paint to preventing internal rust and damage caused by condensation, these systems are important to maintain.

Cospaker Pneumatics provides industrial filtration systems to Gold Coast operations with reliable quality. Whether you need filters for Airmac and Senator compressors or you need a more complex system put in place, our team has the hands-on experience necessary to deliver superior results. From system diagnostics to installation of new equipment, we cover a lot of ground. Keep unwanted airborne material out of your most sensitive working areas — let us assist you in determining the best solution for industrial filtration systems in your Gold Coast location.

Servicing the filters is just one of the many services our company brings to the table. Continually striving to bring the best in air compressors and industrial filters to Australian industry since 1989, Cospaker Pneumatics brings its special knowledge to bear for your benefit. Speak to someone today about the filtration needs of your business; we can assist you in designing and implementing the necessary system. Telephone us on 07 5665 9400, or visit our contact form.